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HIST 1302 - CRN 16315 - United States History II

First Day of this Class is Monday October 19, 2020
You will not be able to log into your class before that date.

*Professor's Greeting

Welcome to the HCC Online College. This information is made available in advance of your course’s start date to allow you extra time to prepare for your course and obtain necessary course materials. Please review your Professor’s Greeting and the Course Syllabus as well as the important information provided below.

Succeeding Online

Many students are attracted to the flexibility that online learning offers; however, that flexibility requires students to be motivated and self-disciplined. A successful online student has the discipline and motivation necessary to prioritize their educational goals and focus on their coursework. Unlike in a traditional, face-to-face course with scheduled class times and a rigid course structure, an online class requires students to manage their own time and establish their own priorities. Students need to schedule time to participate in their online course, study, and complete their assignments. A successful online student can develop a plan and stick to it, keep ahead of tasks, and seek help when needed. Organizing a busy schedule and balancing between work, family life, and getting an education can be challenging; however, with the right attitude and approach it is possible. A successful online student sets goals, establishes a pace to achieve those goals, and keeps track of their progress along the way. For more information about succeeding online as well as other important information on taking online classes, please visit the HCC Online Student Support website.

Learning Management System

HCC uses the Canvas learning management system (LMS), which we call Eagle Online. To access Eagle Online (Canvas), you will need a PC (Windows 7 sp1 or better), or Mac (OS X 10.8 or better) with a broadband connection to the Internet. For more information about Eagle Online (Canvas), please visit the HCC Online Technical Support Website. In an effort to make our online learning environment more accessible for all students, the Online College has added a new tool to our learning management system, called Ally. Ally helps faculty make their courses more accessible and allows students to convert course content into alternative formats, such as: PDF, HTML, ePub, electronic braille, and audio files. For more information on Ally, please visit the Ally Website.


Textbooks and other materials, for online courses, are available online at hccs.bncollege.com or through the HCC Central College bookstore, located at:

Houston Community College Bookstore
HCC, Central College Campus
1215 Holman Street, Suite 102
Houston, TX 77004
(713) 528-0872.

If you wish to use the Central College bookstore, please contact the bookstore in advance to make sure they have your items in stock. Textbooks and materials purchased through our online bookstore hccs.bncollege.com, can be shipped directly to your home or to any of the HCC campus bookstores. Textbooks and other materials should be acquired prior to the start of your course.

Course Participation

All students are expected to attend classes regularly, thus online students must log in to their course(s) on a regular basis. Online students who do not log in and actively participate before the Official Day of Record may be automatically withdrawn for non-attendance. An automatic withdrawal from a course does not erase the course from your record or excuse you from paying for the courses. Your instructor will define what "active participation" is for your course. Some HCC Online courses may require students to participate in campus-based laboratory sessions or proctored examinations. Please review your course syllabus to determine if your online course has an on-campus laboratory or examination requirement.

Exam Proctoring

HCC faculty members teaching online courses may require either online or face-to-face proctored examinations to ensure the integrity of the assessment process and to prevent acts of academic dishonesty. The faculty member will communicate their proctoring requirements, examination schedule, and other pertinent information via the course syllabus or via an announcement or other mechanisms within Eagle Online (Canvas). For more information about proctoring services, please visit the HCC Online Proctoring Services website.

Tutoring Services

Houston Community College is committed to your success, so we offer free face-to-face and online tutoring to our students. Face-to-face tutoring takes place at our comprehensive Learning Centers, which can be found at our campuses and online through the Upswing Tutoring platform. For more information about tutoring services, please visit the HCC Online Tutoring Services website.

Advising Services

HCC Online Advisors are assigned to students participating in online programs. HCC Online Advisors can assist online students with admissions, registration, entrance testing requirements, degree planning, and transfer questions. Online students are welcome to meet with their advisors in person at HCC’s 3100 Main St. building or via telephone, email, chat, and video conference. You can contact an HCC Online Advisor through the HCC Online Advising and Counseling Form.

Counseling Services

HCC Online Counselors provide services to students participating in online programs. HCC Online Counselors provide a wide range of professional counseling services. Online students are welcome to meet with a Counselor in person at HCC’s 3100 Main St. Building or via telephone, email, and video conference. You can contact an HCC Online Counselor through the HCC Online Advising and Counseling Form.

Ability Services

Houston Community College is committed to creating an accessible learning community where individuals with disabilities have an equal opportunity to pursue their educational goals, limited only by their abilities, not their disabilities. Ability Services strives to empower students, foster independence, and promote the achievement of the student’s career and educational goals. Due to the high demand for services and the nature of certain disabilities, it is recommended that students meet with an ADA Counselor at least 60 days prior to the beginning of each term. For more information about ability services, please visit the Ability Services website.

Technical Support

If you have technical issues while taking online classes with HCC, please contact the Eagle Online Help Center via phone at 713-718-5275 option 3 or via the Student Help Form. If you are having difficulties with your HCC Password or access to any HCC Account or System please contact the IT Helpdesk at 713-718-8800 or you can manage your password via the Password Manager. For more information about technical support services, please visit the HCC Online Technical Support Website.

Microsoft MS365 Software

HCC now offers Microsoft MS365 cloud-based, software suite free-of-charge to students. The suite includes: Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and others. You also have cloud-based storage space via Microsoft OneDrive. For more information about MS365 and OneDrive, please visit the HCC MS365 website.

HCC Student Handbook

The HCC Student Handbook provides valuable information about many available resources while you attend HCC. It also provides information on student rights, policies, procedures, services, and activities. For more information about the HCC Student Handbook, please visit the HCC Student Handbook Website.

State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement

Houston Community College is a member of the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA). This means that HCC can offer online courses to residents in all states that are also SARA members. If you are residing outside of the state of Texas, please be advised that certain online programs, which include internships, practicums, or other experiential requirements, may have additional State Authorization requirements. For more information about SARA, please visit the HCC Online College website and the National Council’s website.

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